The application of top dressing is required to help improve uneven surface levels and promote new growth, whilst the natural decomposition of thatch occurs.  Top-dressing also encourages the growth of stolons over bare areas.

Fertiliser Programs

Firstly, we can carry out a soil test to ascertain any deficiencies or chemical imbalances in the soil which is inhibiting the growth of the grass and root system.

We can then apply a tailor-made fertiliser programme to amend the soil condition for optimum growth.  We can distribute tonnes of lime or a balanced special blend appropriate to your requirements.

Aeration & Hollow Coring

Soil compaction is caused by traffic such as players and machinery constantly impacting on the soil.  This compaction soon leads to the deterioration of the turf surface.

So our mechanical aeration such as verti-draining is required at least once per year to relieve compaction and assist in the recovery of the turf.  This will greatly improve the movement of water, oxygen and nutrients into the root zone for uptake by the plant for optimum growth.


Scarification is the process where the removal of thatch is required through veritical cutting blades. Thatch is a dense mat of grass clippings, stems and weeds which needs to be removed at regular intervals to promote a healthier, denser growth of grass. With thatch removed, air, water, nutrients, herbicides etc can penetrate into the soil profile. The turf becomes healthier and more resistant to pests and disease.