Supply & Lay Turf

Premier Greenkeeping can supply and lay turf for any construction, re-construction or small patch up jobs.

Chemical Application

Firstly, we can carry out a soil test to ascertain any deficiencies or chemical imbalances in the soil which is inhibiting the growth of the grass and root system.

We can then apply a tailor-made fertiliser programme to amend the soil condition for optimum growth. We can distribute tonnes of lime or a balanced special blend appropriate to your requirements.

We can also supply and spray chemicals for weeds, pests and diseases either as a preventative or a curative measure.

Liquid fertilisers or growth regulators can also be applied through our boom sprayer.


From the initial set-up to on-going re-marks, our linemarking service will give you the brightest and straightest lines on your fields. We can linemark all the football codes, athletic tracks, netball, hockey etc.

Cricket Pitch Preparation

After 25 years of cricket pitch preparation, 10 of which were spent at the Sydney Cricket Ground, we feel cricket pitch preparation is one of our specialities.

We aim to provide flat, hard, grassy wickets for the perfect contest between bat and ball.

Mowing & Slashing

We have ride on cylinder mowers to give your fields the perfect cut.  This method of mowing provides for a healthier, denser growth of grass.

The rotary mowers are prefect for the longer areas where the height of cut can be raised, whilst maintaining a quality cut.

We also have the Amazone machine with mower blades which enables us to collect the long grass in the hopper and remove from the playing surface.


For your longer, rougher grassed areas we have a slashing service. Our 6ft heavy duty slasher can clear any long overgrown area and we can provide on-going slashing to keep all grassed areas under control.